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Park in Azabu, Tokyo


Mamiana Park (??悟??????)?is located in the up-market suburban district
Azabutanukicho, part of the Minato Ward. Mamiana in Japanese means
???Raccoon dog cave??? named after the supposedly once indigenous animal the Tanoki (???, Raccoon-dog).


a Tanoki.? Not a photo taken in Mamiana park, though :)

To add, the park is surrounded by greenery aptly resembling a ???Raccoon dog cave???, hence the name. Even the atmosphere hints the possibility of Mr. and Mrs. Tanuki popping out any minute from behind a bush to say hello!


A Torii (薐ュ??, Shrine gate) in Mamiana Park.? What is interesting is that this shrine honors foxes, which were thought to be the rival of Tanoki in the Japanese folklore.

In a city where space is an absolute commodity, the park welcomes
relaxation for both adults and children alike, with ample seating and a
well-equipped play park all of which are very well maintained.

Beside the fact that it is located in central Tokyo, the park is far away
enough from hustle and bustle allowing one to put their head down on a
park bench without the worries of litter or pollution.

Close to the Park is the famed Tokyo Tower merely a stone???s throw away,
and within short walking distance the Roppongi Hills, catering to the
prospective shopper???s every delight. Shopping in the Roppongi hills
ranges from food halls to boutiques and entertainment such as bars and


Seeking the Tokyo Tower from Mamiana Park.

A typical afternoon in May in the park, a few working people (Salary
men) are enjoying their lunch on the benches near the fountain. Kids
are completely absorbed playing on the slide and in the sandbox. Mothers
are gathered chatting about their daily affairs, painting a truly delightful and peaceful scenario of this unique district.

Whether you are a shopper or enjoy good food and drink, everything can
be found minutes away in either Azabu or Roppongi.
Take a break in one of the many coffee shops enjoying one of the many
selections of coffee???s or tea???s then relaxing after shopping.
Or even enjoy a quiet meal in one of the many bistros or restaurants
located in the area. And for the avid night owl, there are a wide
variety of colourful bars and clubs dotted all around Roppongi.

Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills

Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills.

There are many places of interest around in the area. For example:
The Tokyo American Club (which is unfortunately closed due to
renovations until 2011), which offers a wide range of recreational


For the art lovers The Bridgestone Museum of Art, Nagasaka Annex (The Ishibashi Foundation) hosts a collection of sculptures and paintings on exhibition. On Saturdays there are lectures given from leading writers
and theorists on pieces of art that are on display and their artist???s
(unfortunately this is only in Japanese, however it is a great time to
hone the language skills). Once you have completed your tour, there is
a tearoom with a delightful selection of beverages. As we all know no
trip to a museum is complete without a visit to the Museum shop for any
souvenir???s one may wish to buy.


All in all, the area is saturated in culture, serenity, tranquil living
and all the amenities one could ask for all within minutes walking

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KIDDY LAND in Harajuku

Love Hello Kitty?
Love Snoopy or any fancy characters?
Or, Love something entertaining?
Kiddy Land is a chain of toy stores full of playful spirits and new discoveries, expressing dream-inspiring world views through characters, gimmicks, toys and something for the home etc.

Kiddy Land

This entertainment shop is a landmark along with the Omotesando street,
You can see demonstrations of popular Japanese zakka (general goods) and
trendy toys at the store.

The shop is always filled with many people who are teenagers and foreigners
seeking for something new and fancy goods. You also can find something
interesting for your home, kitchen bathroom, school and even outdoors.

For more information, please check the website below:



Petite Blythe (design by Mamechiyo)

Petite Blythe Dolls come with more than 100 fashion accessories and
hairstyles. Blythe has large, captivating eyes that blink, demonstrating
different expressions when her head is tilted.

Blythe comes in several different costumes that you can collect. Shown
here is Blythe???s kimono costume that is crafted with inspiration from
traditional kimono patterns and comes with darling accessories.

(Available only in Japan)

Tughinohi-kerori (Kerori tomorrow)


A frog, Kerori, who turns green when it’s sad, and turns pure white when

It is happy. Kerori will easily cheer you up and have you smiling
throughout the day. So adorable, Kerori the frog will wash your sadness
away with the Keroribath sponge with a hanging net. Make Kerori a fun
resident in your bathroom! Kerori is ready to move from KIDDY LAND to
your house. (Available only in Japan)

Get more Hello Kitty?

Nowadays, there are so many Kitty-chan with different appears for example,

Punk Fashion or in Animal suits like Madonna. They are very popular
amongst foreign people who have only ever seen Kitty-chan in general
clothes. You can meet her in different outfits there!

Goods for events?

KIDDY LAND does not only have character goods but also party goods.
There is a special space for events on the 1st floor, which offers a
of party goods for events like Halloween and Xmas. You can always check
what is being currently sold online and you are guaranteed to find
something interesting.

However, KIDDY LAND Harajuku will temporarily be closed due to construction
work from August in 2010 to the summer in 2012.
You cannot miss the last chance of the shopping there by August 2010.
You also can look forward to the new KIDDY LAND Harajuku that will be
revived in 2012.

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Arisugawa Park - Nature in Tokyo

Arisugawakinen koen

Arisugawakinen koen (??????綏?絎???綽球????, Arisugawa Park鐚??is a greenery beautiful park located in nice and quiet area near Hiroo Station(綺?絨冗??).
You can see the river, pond, bushes and also you can even find a big
library which has been just renovated.

Arisugawa Park

Statue of Prince Arisugawa Taruhito, member of the imperial family of the 19th century.? Arisugawakinen koen was formerly owned by the Arisugawa family.

There are both of many foreigners and local people who are enjoying
fishing, playing football, and studying ???etc. You definitely can find so
many things to do in there.

You also can find some caf辿s and restaurants.
It might be a good idea to take some foods away, have lunch or take a break
under the nice weather.

Arisugawakinen koen

A Stand in the park, selling drinks and snacks.

Lovely flowers bloom in spring, the color of leaf turns to red and
yellow in autumn, it might show different scenes with snow in winter,
people can enjoy different scenes in each season.

Arisugawakinen koen Arisugawakinen koen

Blooming blossoms, and autumn in Arisugawakinen koen.

The library is very historical and has 350,000 books and 900 seats.
People are allowed to access the free wireless internet.
It is very interesting that some qualified people like tax counselors
and notary publics are invited every month and free consultation is opened
to local people.
The view from the windows is amazing and you can relax and spend time on
your own way.

Arisugawakinen koen

Nice and beautiful mansions, gorgeous apartments, Mercedes-benz, BMW,
Rolls-Royce and many foreign people can be seen as usual in this area.
You might hear that someone are saying ???IS HERE REALLY in JAPAN?!???.

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Anyway, once you spend exciting days in Tokyo, you will definitely miss
the nice homey place one day.
Then you will know that there is such a cozy place even in busy Tokyo.
That is also part of ???cool Tokyo???, isn???t it?

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Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple

Shiba Park

We have a beautiful public park, which is called Shiba Park鐚?????????鐚?,
just a few minutes away from the Shiba Park Station鐚?????????薈?鐚?on
Toei-Mita line鐚???遵?銀????亥??鐚?. The park is located between the Minato
Municiple offices and Tokyo Tower. We can see Tokyo Tower very clearly
from the park; therefore, the park is a popular spot for dates,
especially during night time. Famous actors sometimes gather at the park
to shoot television.

Shiba Park

Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji-temple (紜?筝?絲?) from Shiba Park.

Shiba Park opened on October 19^th?of 1873, and is one of the oldest
parks in Tokyo. There are many hotels, schools, public pools, libraries,
and other helpful facilities near the park. Baseball fields and tennis
courts are facilitated at the park.

Another attractive point of the park is the nature. The park is
surrounded by a lot of trees. There are over 5500 trees at the park. It
offers a good time and a good place for rest for business people. We do
not have a lot of places which we can take a rest with the beautiful
nature, because of too many high buildings or too bright shine;
therefore, Shiba Park is like an oasis for business people.

Shiba Park

The park is located at the middle of the office buildings. Therefore, many business
people from these offices go to the park during their lunch time.
They can enjoy eating, reading books, listen to music, sleeping, chatting
each other, and doing whatever they want. Not only business people, but
also families who have children use the park.

Shiba  Park

People who have a pet alsoenjoy walking with their pet at the park. If you go to the park, you see
many foreign people and many visitors from other countries. They enjoy
visiting and spending their own times at the park.

When you go to see Tokyo Tower, it is the best time to go to Shiba Park.
Please go there bringing your lunch box! The best time to visit might be
during spring because of wonderful cherry blossom!

Shiba Park

For more information:

http://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index001.html (Japanese )

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Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, Shopping & Hotels

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza (莎ゅ????掩?ャ???????)?is a complex facility where the hotel and the shopping space located near the Akasaka-mitsuke Station(莎ゅ??荀????薈?):?a subway station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or Nagatacho Station(羂悟?亥?咲??) a subway station on Tokyo Metro Yurakucho, Hanzomon and Namboku Lines.
There are so many Japanese high class brand shops at the store.
You can find plenty of fashion, amenity, jewely, restaulant, even a hotel(Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu).

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza

The department store will offer good opportunities to enjoy shopping at
Japanese high class brand shops.
And they also have great sales depending on the season.

As for shopping, you can see “Mariage Akasaka Branch” which has jacket
and amenity for ladies, “International Jewelry Prize” which offers total
coordinate with diamond accessories on the building.
Especially, for people who would like to enjoy?unique Japanese style restaurant, I strongly recommend Ninja restaurant on the first level of the department.
I have already mentioned about the detail of the restaurant.? Please see the details here.

This department store is not big as famous department store like
Takashimaya or Mitsukoshi.
But even like that, it’s ok to purchase daily necessities and you can
feel?the atmosphere of Japanese department stores at the Akasaka Tokyu Plaza.

If you have enough time to go around Akasaka district, you should go to
Nagata-cho, National Diet Building (??巡??茘遺?????)?and Tokyo State Guesthouse(??延根菴?莖?蕕?).

National Diet

The National Diet Building.

Tokyo State Guest House

Tokyo State Guest House.

Moreover, Akasaka is quite a popular place for foreigner because of the
location which is near from Shinjuku station.
It’s only a little way from Akasaka Tokyu plaza.

Night Scene of Shinjuku

Night scene of western Shinjuku

Even if you have no plan to purchase such Japanese goods, you can
enjoy shopping at Akasaka Tokyu Plaza, and going around Akasaka area.
Please get more details from following official web page.
I’m sure you can spend a good day in Akasaka area.

Akasaka Tokyu Plaza

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Ninja Akasaka, Restaurant in Tokyo

Have you ever been to Ninja at Akasaka?
This restaurant is quite popular for tourist from abroad, even for young Japanese.
Creative artist repeat coming here.

Ninja Restaurant

Iga Ueno at Mie prefecture and Kouga at Shiga prefecture are so famous due to Ninja.
Ninja is one of art of warfare developing in the above area.
Some Japanese visit Kyoto and they have a chance to get wear the Ninja Kimono to take a picture. Some tourist bring back souvenior, Shuriken鐚????茖???o?? or Katana(???鐚? those are sort of Ninja’s arm.

Ninja Shuriken
As you see, they are not familiar with us, of course even with tourist from abroad in a usual life.

This restaurant presents Ninja well evoking to the taste of dishes, visual of dishes, and the interior of the restaurant. They cook Japanese foods by European, Chinese and American style.
There are flexibilities to open the others, not egoistical way of cooking(I think this is important mind to welcome the differencies).
Then this restaurant opened to vegetarian, which situation is not easy to find still now in Japan.

Ninja Ninja


Some of the menus from Ninja.


Participatory way of enjoying addicts you to come back to this restaurant and your friends from abroad can also satisfy Japanese traditional style even they will not go to somewhere traditional area.

I’m not agent of provacateur for this restaurant.
But I would like you to add this restaurant to your list to enjoy at weekend.
This is unique and you can only enjoy around at Roppongi :)

For more information, check out the official site of Ninja Akasaka.

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Yoyogi Park (篁c?????????鐚?

Sometimes I recognize so much that green is necessary to heal the tired body.
At the same time, it is not so easy to go countryside once starting to get used to living down town.
Do you know Yoyogi Park(篁c?????????鐚?? This park is located next to Meiji???Shrine Temple(???羃紫??絎???. This location is quite convenient to access.
Then they offer several type of pastime.

Yoyogi Park

1. With your dog

Yoyogi Park - Dog Run
They prepared the dog run in a park. This area is divided by the size of dog, for small or large. Your dog can be also released by the stress in the dog run.
You can spend nice time with your dog. To use this service, please take contact with service center of Yoyogi Park in advance. Then please register your dog as member with the dog registration at your living city and the documentary proof of vaccine against rabines.
Once you get the member ship, you can enjoy your holiday with your lovely dog.
You can check this site for information about the dog run.

2. By bicycle

Yoyogi Park - Cycling
Do you like to take bicycle? If you have the hobby to take the bicycle, you can bring your bicycle to the course.
In case that you cannot find the place to practice taking the bicycle, the course for kids are prepared. Special bicycle is also prepared, well, you can take with your friends.

3. Flea Market

Yoyogi Park - Flea Market
When you would like to find something reasonable, flea market at this park is recommended to come before going to the shop. Or, before going back to your country, you will be able to find
some antique as souvenir, or able to replace something you don’t need anymore with your necessary
staff. This flea market hold around 4 times by month, at weekend.
Before going to the market, please check this site.

At Yoyogi Park , you will also see the bird sanctuary. You can guess how rich green are in Yoyogi park!! Depending on you, you have a several choice to spend the luxury time without spending high price.

Yoyogi Park - Bird Sanctuary

Spending the time with a nature give us the occasion that we are a part of nature, not us to make a nature let alive….Don’t you think nature at urban is really thoughtful circumstance?

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Mitsukoshi Ebisu Department Store (??究??絲推??莇?鐚?

Ebisu Mitsukoshi(??究??絲推??莇?鐚?

Ebisu Mitsukoshi

Around Ropongi area, you will not be able to find easily the Japanese typical department store.
You can find easily the goods you want at your favorite or creditable store are already fixed around Roppongi. This condition can be the proof that you are at celebrities class.

In case that you are invited formally suddenly by your mother in law or your girfriens’s(Or boy friend’s) mother, for example, meanwhile, the situation that you cannot imagine what you have to bring as a souvenirs, what will you do?

You know well that many Japanese adore the brand.
I can say that some madame and monsieur still tend to be caught their mind by the high class department store’s wrapping paper. Even you will bring something not so expensive, department store’s wrapping paper grade up even your credit.

Even you don’t expect such a situation, you can remind that Ebisu Mitsukoshi( ??究??絲推??莇?) locates around Roppongi鐚?????????????downtown.

Ebisu Mitsukoshi

This department store is tiny, established by 4 floors, but so suitable to choose and everything is ready. Even with your kids those need to change the diapers, you don’t need to hesitate.

Then you can also have a chance to encounter the reasonable foods or ingredients at department store. A time to go must be around 7 o’clock, after leaving your office or school.
Department store cannot keep expired foods, so they start to reduce the price….
Well, this is also one of the way for enjoying the Japanese department store.

Sometimes department store offer the high class credit for you. Other time, they offer the reasonable and friendly for your wallet.

I cannot define this department store’s exceptional value.
Though, with the above point of view, would you try to find your style to use the department store?
By the way, Ebisu Mitsukoshi is located in Yebisu Garden Place, a compound square of shopping, offices, restaurants & cafes.

Yebisu Garden Place

For information about Yebisu Garden Place, click here.

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Roppongi Travel Guide


Now once you hear Roppongi(???????), it remind you of Ropoingi Hills (??????????????), Izumi Garden (羈?????若?????)?and International caf辿s or restaurants, which are something luxury and exotic. Actually at Roppongi, it???s easy to find the international and luxury air.

To reach those modern style at Roppongi, it might be unimaginable for you that Roppongi was a residence area for samurai in the Edo era. Once moving into the Meiji era, it was replaced?by the?Japanese military base. Then, after World War 2, these equipments were switched to the UN.


Map of Roppongi in the Edo era.

Accordingly such an Americanized circumstance allowed Roppongi to make international air. Of course, some embassies around Roppongi also make the international air.

Under the above historical track, Roppongi becomes one of the attractive downtown, as you see Roppongi Hills, Izumi Garden and so on.

Now you got the summarized background of Roppongi. Keeping?it in your mind, you can spend your customized day at Roppongi. Spending time at Roppongi will not make you feel nostalgic of your country and you can also enjoy Japanese taste. Everything you need from day to night is prepared at Roppongi, it will not make you bother.

Mouri's garden

First of all, on the foot of Roppongi Hills, you will see the traditional Japanese garden. It is followed the design of Mouri???s garden (罸????梱???) that existed in Edo era at the same place. Killifishes those had been to space with a Japanese astronaut were stock pond in this garden. A calm and beautiful surroundings make you relax and refresh.

Secondly, you will not see any department store in Roppongi. Usually department store establishes the symbolical region where middle class will be developed. It might be proof that Roppongi is not focused?on?the middle class. Or it might be downtown for the adult, because everything depends on your choice. It means everything can be customized by your taste. Nothing will not be selected in front of you, but you can customize everything you choose. You can choose by brand, by your taste at Roppongi. You are free. Your taste will be trained here.

Roppongi Midtown

When you feel some uneasy at ???Japanese traditional??? or ???adult??? at Roppongi, you will also find an attractive and curable point at Roppongi that you can taste your hometown cooking. As I mentioned above, you can keep in your mind that Roppongi is an international place. Even if you will not find the restaurant, you will find the ingredients to cook at your house or at your friend???s house. Surely these sorts of foods give you the energy to recover and restart your tired life.
Well, I hope that you find that Roppongi is a cosmopolitan and special place where are resemble with a ???Concession Territory???. You will enjoy multi- Roppongi.

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Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills

Omotesando Hills (茵??????????????)?was built in 2005, which was part of a series of urban developments in Tokyo done by the developers, Mori Building and designed by Tadao Ando. It occupies a large proximity of Omotesand??, containing over 130 shops and 38 apartments. Omotesand?? is a famous shopping and residential road in Aoyama.

The construction ran at a cost of $330 million, replacing the Bauhaus-inspired D??junkai Aoyama Apartments (???羹や?????絮宴?≪????若??), which had been built in 1927 after the 1923 Kant?? earthquake. A small section of the old apartments still remains, having been reconstructed in the Southeast part of the new complex.

Dojunkai Apyama Apartments

Dojunkai Aoyama Apartments

For many years, Omotesando has been the trendsetter in Japanese fashion and culture. These days the Omotesando area has a new focal point, the Omotesando Hills.

Omotesando Hills

Hosting near 100 retail outlets with its target market being a more mature audience whom enjoy the city life while having a strong sense of fashion. The complex boasts flagship stores, boutiques and exclusive outlets from leading overseas brands as well as exclusive domestic brands offering a unique fashion style known as the ???Omotesando Hills Mode???, especially for mature individuals who would prefer avoiding the boundaries of style. Aside from the trendy shopping, the complex sports a host of other stores for home, kids and an array of multi-purpose stores.

Caf辿s and Restaurants
One could never go hungry during a shopping excursion with the rich selection of Japanese, Western and fusion cuisine (Japanese/Western mix). And for the sweet tooth there are confectioneries and delightful wine bars to wet the palette for the budding connoisseur. All of which are stylishly presented in modern and welcoming surroundings.

Wagon stalls
These small stalls can be found dotted all around the vicinity of Omotesando hills, playing just as an important role as the shops and restaurants found within the complex. Each offering a unique taste of the latest fashions and plentiful cultural ideas.

Events Space
Within the Omotesando Hills are two stylish event spaces. Larger one (Space O) being ideal for a wide range of events such as exhibitions, press conferences and visual productions the other more compact space (Space PE43), serves well as an art gallery, sales or new product displays.

Omotesando Hills Omotesando Hills

Tadao Ando, a world-renowned architect designed the complex with an ideal conception of urban living in mind. When looking at the design, simplicity springs to mind coupled with the contrasting concrete and glass with pebble floors.

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