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Schools in Japan

Education is a crucial part of life and the early education period is by far one of the most important times for learning as it is the where children will learn the basics of communication, manners and culture.

In Japan, Kindergardens are divided between municipal and private institutions. With municipal schools children registered with their parents in the city are eligible for admission.

Private Kindergartens and Pre-schools are numerous in Tokyo but ones where the language of instruction is in English are now available all over the 23 wards.Increasing as well are those that offer Chinese, and other languages such as German,French and Korean.

In a search for the suitable school for your young one it should be based on what you want for your child, research and what references you get from other parents.

‘International’ Kindergartens are popping up more and more over Tokyo as the demand for foreign languages are high in demand. As one would expect these schools would cost more in tuition than the municipal schools. Notable schools in the Tokyo area are the Montessori School which has a worldwide reputation and Azabu International school.

A great resource for Education for the expat community is the website called Tokyo with kids which gives excellent information from a parent’s point of view on finding international education in Tokyo. It could be accessed at http://www.tokyowithkids.com.

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