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Chiyoda Ward

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Cherry blossoms in Chidorigafuchi, Chiyoda Ward

Chiyoda Ward is located in central Tokyo and the Imperial Palace is situated within its premises. Besides the Imperial Palace, the ward also houses Hibiya Park, National Museum of Modern Art, and Yasukuni Shrine. Many government institutions, such as the National Diet, Prime Minister’s Official Residence, and Supreme Court, are also located in Chiyoda, as well as major hubs like Tokyo Station and Akihabara.

The areas adjacent to the Imperial Palace and the Diet building, Kioicho and Nagatacho are spacious areas with lots of greenery. The residential areas favored by foreign residents are in the areas of Bancho, Kojimachi, Kudan, and Ichigaya, and are historical areas which onced houses feudal lord residences in the Edo period. Now, these areas showcase upmarket and prestigious addresses, which are conveniently located to multiple train lines served by Ichigaya, Iidabashi, Yotsuya, Kudanshita and Hanzomon stations.



Within walking distance of Iidabashi station is Kagurazaka, a well-known shopping street and restaurant destination. A lively and popular destination, there are chain coffee shops, eclectic shops and famous restaurants and vendors in Kagurazaka. Some of the more unique vendors include a Chinese pork bun takeout, French eateries and refined Japanese kaiseki places. For an interesting article, check out this blog published in Rocketnews.

The Banchos, Kudan and Fujimi


Upscale residence in Yonbancho

Between Ichigaya and Hanzomon train stations are neighborhoods called Ichibancho, Nibancho, Sanbancho, Yonbancho, Gobancho and Rokubancho.

The Ichigaya area, enveloping all the Banchos and Fujimi, is considered an affluent and established area of historical value. It is home to the main campuses of both Hosei University and Chuo University as well as Japan’s Ministry of Defence headquarters. The British and Belgium embassies are also in this area.

Due to its close proximity to the outer moat, the area has an open atmosphere dressed in ample greenery. Historically, the area housed the grand residences of Japan’s feudal lords in the Edo period, and this legacy has lived on in the area, making it a respectable and exclusive residential area of today.

The luxurious residential properties available in this area have been mainly detached houses and stately low-rise apartments in the past. However high-rise tower apartments with hotel-like services have risen up in recent years in the neighborhood.

North of the Banchos are the  Kudan and Fujimi areas, which both house upscale and high-end properties. The French school used to be located in Fujimicho in Chiyoda-ku, near Iidabashi Station before their recent relocation. However, many French families still reside in the area. In addition to the Imperial Palace grounds, other landmarks in the area are Kitanomaru Park and Chidorigafuchi, which are famous for their beautiful cherry blossoms.


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