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Meguro Ward

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Meguro station by Beeny Ang (Creative Commons)

Meguro Ward is a centrally-located residential district in Tokyo. There are a number of upmarket neighborhoods in this ward including the Meguro station area, Jiyugaoka and Nakameguro. Many educational facilities, international embassies and universities are located in this ward.

Towards the northern part are areas like Komaba and Ohashi, well known as academic centers, and the affluent residential area of Aobadai.Towards the eastern end are residential and commercial areas such as the Meguro station area, Mita, Nakameguro and Yutenji. In the central part, there are traditionally affluent residential areas such as Himonya. Fashionable places like Jiyugaoka are also located in Meguro Ward.

The charming Meguro River also runs through the Ward, and is a highly popular destination during the cherry blossom season given the wonderful cherry blossom trees that drape over the riverbank.


Aobadai is located in the northern part of Meguro Ward and comprises of 1 to 4-chōme. It is next to the swanky Kyu Yamate Avenue with is fancy shops and cafes, and includes in its address the charming Saigoyama Park. Aobadai is a upscale, high-end neighborhood that is centrally located and close to the chic and fashion center of Daikanyama. For instance, Aobadai features high-grade properties such as the La Tour Aobadai. The lower end of Aobadai faces the modern and popular T-Site development in Daikanyama.


Komaba is a pleasant residential area that rests beside Shoto. The area is home to some famous academic institutions as well as one of the campuses of the University of Tokyo. It is served by the Inokashira train line and Komaba-Todaimae train station is the closest station. In the area is a large and beautiful park called Komaba Park. The area also has a few boutique museums. Because of a wide selection of houses in a quiet residential setting, this location is popular with foreign residents. Shibuya is about 20 minutes on foot.

Meguro station by K H (Creative Commons)

Meguro station by K H (Creative Commons)


Meguro is a convenient hub that houses a number of upscale residential areas in its vicinity. It has access to multiple train lines including the JR Yamanote, Namboku, Mita and Meguro lines, as well as many bus routes that make this place its terminal. The wide range of transportation options means commuters from this point have direct and easy access to places like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa and beyond.

There are extensive construction happening in this area, including the building the Meguro Station Front Development project comprising of large commercial and residential tower buildings. The area around the stations boasts a wide variety of shops, coffee shops, fast food business and restaurants. While there are high-rise tower apartments around the station, there are also a wide variety of houses and smaller charming apartment buildings. School buses for large international school also run through Meguro Dori, making it a convenient location for international families.

The location also plays host to number of embassies, making this area rather international. In addition, Meguro is also made famous by the charming Meguro River, which boasts one of the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing sites in Springtime.

Landmarks such as Ikedayama Park, with its large koi pond and an assortment of leafy trees, is also close. Within strolling distance from Meguro station is Shirokanedai, Yebisu Garden Place and Nakameguro. All these surrounding neighbourhoods offer more amenities, eateries and attractions.


Not to be confused with Minato Ward’s Mita, the Mita in Meguro Ward is primarily a quiet and serene residential pocket. Mita runs through much of Ebisu Garden Place as well as the surroundings; and is basically a nice residential area filled with private houses and a few upmarket apartment blocks.

Nakameguro by Chris Dickey (Creative Commons)

Nakameguro by Chris Dickey (Creative Commons)


Nakameguro is a quiet residential district in Meguro Ward, much of which lies adjacent to the Meguro River. Many charming residential apartments and houses exist alongside the Meguro River, and offer a serene and laidback lifestyle in a green and attractive environment. The hilly areas of Nakameguro boast large mansion houses. Nakameguro station serve both the Hibiya and Tokyu Toyoko train lines, which give direct access to places like Roppongi, Ginza and Shibuya.

A trendy hotspot for eating and drinking, the part of Nakameguro by the river is one of Tokyo’s coolest areas. Because cherry blossom trees drape over the riverbank, the neighborhood bars and eateries come alive with outdoor food and drink stands and revellers partaking in a somewhat modern version of hanami during the cherry blossom season. For the rest of the year, the area has a tranquil and relaxed flavor, giving this location an intimate village atmosphere.


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