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Shinagawa Ward

  • 2016-03-17 (木) 22:10

shinagawawardAlthough much of the highly-developed and modernized sections surrounding Shinagawa station falls under the jurisdiction of Minato Ward (such as Takanawa and the Tokyo Bay area), there are many parts of Shinagawa Ward that are equally as important and prestigious in their own right. The northern part of the ward includes part of the Meguro station area (Kami-Osaki), Gotanda and Osaki stations. The area surrounding Meguro station has shops, restaurants and supermarkets (click here for more information on Meguro). Basically there are many neighborhoods that are ideal for international families within Shinagawa Ward. A wide variety of spacious properties are available and the area offers school bus routes to major international schools.

Within this ward are the affluent and sought-after residential areas of Ikedayama, Hanabusyama, and Chojamaru. These prestigious areas offer high-end expatriate-style housing in quiet, private residential pockets that are quiet and family-friendly. Some areas inside these residential pockets (such as Chojamaru) impose building-height restrictions, meaning buildings will not be built higher than a set height; such as 10 meters. This allows the areas to have a serene and private atmosphere and remain uncrowded. With a variety of parks, including the gargantuan Nature and Study Park, in the vicinity, these residential areas also have access to a lot of greenery.

gotandaGotanda & Higashi Gotanda

Gotanda station is a commercial and business area but the neighborhoods close to this station are serene and tranquil. Higashi Gotanda, which is commuting distance to both Gotanda and Shirokanedai stations, is an affluent residential area that surrounds Ikedayama Park, a beautiful and charming public garden. The residences in Higashi Gotanda tend to be upmarket low-rise apartment buildings or individual houses.


Gotenyama is within walking distance of Shinagawa and Osaki Station, which located in the city’s most vibrant commercial districts, and Gotanda Station is also close by car. In addition to necessary daily amenities, the neighborhood and surrounding area offer an array of arts facilities, hotels, and a wide range of entertainment.

Take a stroll through the surrounding districts, explore museums and tree-lined streets, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of a luxury residential area. Discover the secret to Gotenyama’s unique charm: all of the sophisticated features of a modern city, with none of the bustle and noise.

chojamaruKami Osaki

An affluent and sought-after district, Kami-Osaki is well known for its low-rise, mansion-filled residential areas. All these neighborhoods showcase upscale housing and are popular amongst foreign families. Kami-Osaki 2-chome, commonly known as Chojamaru, is right behind Westin Hotel in Ebisu Garden Place, enabling residents in the neighborhood to have close access to a wide variety of restaurants and shops set in a laidback and relaxing environment. The southern part of Kami-Osaki, known as Hanabusuyama, is another popular residential area set in a pristine and tranquil environment, that is close to not only Meguro station but also Shirokanedai.


Within Shinagawa Ward is Osaki, a major commercial district. In its vicinity but a little further out is Gotenyama, an upscale location on a hilly area. The Osaki station area has seen rapid development in recent years, and showcases a mix of both business and residential complexes; such as the Osaki New City, Gate City Osaki, Art Village Osaki, and ThinkPark, which are all connected to the station via pedestrian walkways.

Osaki New City consists of five buildings – three office buildings, a hotel, and a shopping mall.  Across the street, also connected by a bridge, is Gate City Osaki, which consists of two tall buildings – one residential, and another with commercial outlets, offices and a hall for cultural events. The Art Village Osaki is another development located just a two minute walk away, and has a residential block, and another block for shops, restaurants and offices. ThinkPark is the latest and most innovative complex in the area and has a generous proportion of trees and grass within its premises, and also hosts a blend of offices and residences. The development also houses hotels, fitness clubs, a medical center and an outdoor space.


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