• 03/01/2010
  • 02/27/2021

Gal Fashion at Shibuya109

???Where are you???? ???Ok, ok. See you soon then, in front of Marukyu (09)!??? While I was stuck in a hectic crowd in Shibuya, always listening to the conversations between the trendy girls around me. ???Marukyu???? What does it mean? I used to wonder what Marukyu was, now that I do; it???s quite embarrassing that I once didn???t??? The Shibuya 109 (ichimaruky笛) building is a famous fashion shopping centre targeted at young women from teens to twenties, located just across the street from Shibuya Station, first opened in April 1979. As the building stands proud, 109 is also famous meeting point in Shibuya. The building is owned by Tokyu and as such is where the building derives its name from as 109 in Japanese is pronounced “to, kyu” (10, 9), thus “Shibuya to kyu???. The interior of the building is designed to move shoppers in a loop on each floor from the elevators past the various shops. Although originally targeted at women in their 30s, the building then later became more known as a mecca for young women from the Gal (????c??, girl) subculture. Shibuya 109 Building shopping centre filled with many very trendy clothing boutiques. It is very popular […]