• 03/03/2010
  • 07/13/2013

Shinagawa Inter City

Shinagawa Inter City (???綏???ゃ?潟?帥?若?激?????), which opened in December 1998 on the east side of Shinagawa Station, is Japan’s largest super high-rise complex. The complex consists of various shops, restaurants and offices, and also plays host to an events hall, a gallery, a clinic, a bank and a post office. Shinagawa is fast becoming one of the major commercial districts in Japan. The striking Shinagawa Inter city Tower A, gives spectacular views over the city, Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge. The building has convenient undercover access to Shinagawa Station, which provides direct access to Narita and Haneda Airports. The second floors of the buildings are connected to one another by semi-roofed aerial walkways called skyways. The buildings themselves were designed with the environment in mind, using natural ventilation and a cheap night electrical system for heating and low voltage lighting. Infra red reflecting glass was also used during the construction, providing shelter from harmful sunlight, whilst providing plenty of natural light. Every Sunday from 11 am ? 4 pm there is a flea market inside the Shinagawa Inter city building. It???s completely free to enter and there are lots of stalls. Selling lots of kids clothes, toys, women???s and men???s […]