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  • 03/01/2021

Tokyo Imperial Palace

???The Imperial Palace??? The Imperial Palace (???絮?)?is located in the center of Tokyo(Kokyo Gaien, Chiyoda-ku). It was originally the inner courtyard of Edo Castle (羆???後??), is now the official residence of the emperor and empress of Japan. Picture of Edo Castle. Once surrounded by 5 great moats, with many gated entrances, the palace grounds now have only portions of one moat. And a guard post on the eastern corner of the grounds that gives some impression of the size and glory of the original castle. The present imperial residence is a combination of Japanese and Western architecture that reflects the cultural heritage of Japan and the role of the imperial family. On the emperor’s birthday and on January 2, selected audience of the public are permitted to enter the palace grounds to celebrate and greet the emperor. The still heavily wooded grounds are especially visible from high-rise buildings in the city. Dispite its location in the heart of Tokyo, broad green space still prevails. By the way, the Imperial Palace is popular with runners. It is about 5km around, you can see many people running around it. In japan, we have two famous gold medalists of marathon in Olympics, so […]

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  • 02/28/2021

Hokkaido food and More in Tokyo!

Sushi and Tempura are famous, but Japanese food is not just that!? Japanese food is rich in diversity.? The country divided by mountains, rivers, and oceans, various diet cultures which vary from district to district has developed. Of course, it is amusing to travel around the country looking for hidden cultures, but for those who don’t have that time, it is possible to enjoy various Japanese foods in Tokyo. Product fares are frequently held in department stores such as Takashimaya (蕭?絣九??), Odakyu (絨???井??), or Mitsukoshi (筝?莇?), and there are antenna shops ran by local governments, often prefectures. Here are some antenna shops, at which you can purchase specialties and gain information of provinces. Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza (???羌潔?????????????????????) Location: Yurakucho Hokkaido prefecture(???羌潔??) is popular as the production region of milk, dairy products, sea products, etc. You will find various foods concerning these specialties. Omote-sando Niigata-kan N’espace (茵????????紙?井??蕕????????鴻?????) Location: Omote-sando Food and goods from Niigata prefecture (??井?????).? Sasa-dango (膃鴻????????) , rice dumpling with felon herb kneaded into the dough, is the most popular sweets. Shinjuku Miyazaki-kan KONNE (??医???帥????????蕕?KONNE) Location: Shinjuku Konne (?????????) means ‘welcome’ in the dialect of Miyazaki prefecture (絎??????).? Local chicken and Shochu (??守??, Japanese distilled spirit) are famous. Ginza […]

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  • 02/28/2021

Fireworks in Tokyo

Summer is the season of firework displays in Japan. There are many fireworks in July and August. Below is the list of some of the most popular fireworks in Tokyo. Sumida-gawa Fireworks Area: Sumida-gawa River, Taito-ku / Sumida-ku Date: Jul. 31 Time: 19:05- About 20,000 rockets Edo-gawa Fireworks Area: Edo-gawa River, Edogawa-ku Date: Aug. 7 Time: 19:15- About 14,000 rockets Jingu-Gaien Fireworks Area: Meiji-Jingu, Minato-ku Date: Aug. 19 Time: 19:30- About 12,000 rockets Tokyo Bay Fireworks Area: Harumi, Chuo-ku Date: Aug. 14 Time: 19:00- About 12,000 rockets Adachi Fireworks Area: Ara-kawa River, Adachi-ku Date: Jul. 29 Time: 19:30- About 12,000 rockets If you are going to the fireworks, why not try wearing ‘Yukata'(羌頑。)? Yukata is the casual Kimono (Japanese traditionlal clothing),? worn only in mid summer. Formal Kimono is made of silk and has lining, but Yukata is made of cotton, and does not have lining. People wearing Yukata are often seen at fireworks and summer festivals. Yukata for women(left) and men(right). You can buy Yukata at major sightseeing spots, like Asakusa. Clerks may be able to teach you how to wear it, or if you are not comfortable with wearing it yourself, most beauty parlors are capable of dressing […]

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Tower Mansion in Odaiba, Tokyo

The Towers Daiba 33F ???Finished/腟?篋???? Agent Comission 50% off! Bedrooms: 4 Floor Area: 226.71sqm / 2240.37sqft Address: 2, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo Access: 2 minutes walk to Odaiba-kaihin-koen Station / Yurikamome Completion: Aug. 2006 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY900,000/month Management Fee: JPY0 Key Money: JPY0 Deposit: 3 months Contract: Fixed Term Lease Contract 2 years Parking: JPY16,000-/month Pets: Negotiable Penthouse with great view, 4 bedrooms and?2 living rooms! Entrance. Master’s bedroom and the walk-in closet. From the bathroom, the view of the ocean and a Ferris wheel. Washroom. Restroom. Kitchen and the counter. Family?room. Living Dining Room. ???散???鐚???吟?祉?帥???若?阪伾?? 莖????鐚?900,000???/??? ??件?霚若??鐚?3/0 篁俄???????井??50鐚?Off Thank you for checking The Towers Daiba. — Higherground Co.,Ltd. 2-8-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL:03-6459-2230 HP:http://www.higherground.co.jp/ TOP PAGE:?https://livingtokyo.net/