Vintage Mansion

  • 01/28/2011
  • 02/27/2021

Apartment in Aoyama

Palais Royal?Minami-aoyama #401 Agent commission 50% Off! Bed Rooms: 2 Floor Area:? 78.37 sqm /?843.60 sqft Address:? 6-4-5, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Access:?4?minutes walk to?Omotesando Station /?Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line,?Chiyoda Line Completion: Dec. 1977 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY380,000/month Management?Fee: JPY0 Key Money:?2 month Deposit:?2 month Parking: Not Available Pets:?Not Allowed In the neighbor of Palais Royal Minami-aoyama is a shopping complex, Glassarea Aoyama. Also, right in front of the apartmenti is Comme de Garcons, a pret-a-porter brand. Entrance. At the autolock door is a carpet saying Palais Royal Minami-aoyama.? The design reminds me of an old coffee shop 🙂 There is a lounge, and a Japanese dry garden as a courtyard. Rest rooms for common use. Elevator. The whole ground floor has a massive atmosphere with the floors and walls covered with bricks. Corridor on the 4th floor. Entrance. The retro door knob looks nice 🙂 Inside the entrance. Powder room, with utility space. Inside the mirrors are cupboards. Rest room. Bath room, equipped with dryer. Bed rooms. There is a gap between the bed room above and the corridor. Closet on the corridor. Living dining room. The arch gate to the kitchen is cute 🙂 Kitchen, with 3 cooking […]

  • 01/13/2011
  • 02/27/2021

Apartment in Omotesando

Minami-aoyama Takagicho Park Mansion?#201 Agent commission 50% Off! Bed Rooms: 3 Floor Area: 147.97 sqm / 1374.64 sqft Address:? 5-12-7, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Access: 12?minutes walk to?Omotesando Station /?Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line Completion: Feb. 1990 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY600,000/month Management?Fee: JPY0 Key Money:?1 month Deposit:?2 months Parking: Available Pets:?Negotiable Minami-aoyama Takagicho Park Mansion is not very close to the train station, but within 2 minutes walk is a bus stop, for the buses heading for Shibuya station. Also, on the way from Omotesando station are many attractions. There are many boutiques in the area, some of which have winter sales on now. There are Japanese and other cuisine restaurants, Bento shops, Japanese sweets cafes, and more to amuse your sight and tongue 🙂 On the wall of the apartment is an emblem of ‘PM’, which stands for Park Mansion. On both sides of the entrance are Kadomatsu (??????), a traditional New Year’s decoration made of bamboo and pine branches. Entrance lobby. Elevator hall. Room entrance, with double locks on the door. On the side of the entrance are closets for shoes and outerwear. Master’s bed room. On the wall are display spaces, with stylishly curved walls. The […]

  • 01/10/2011
  • 02/27/2021

Apartment in Meguro

Palace Royal?Chojamaru?#203 Agent commission FREE! No Key Money! Free Rent 1 Month! Bed Rooms: 3 Floor Area: 197.43 sqm / 2125.19 sqft Address:? 21-7-2, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Access:?6?minutes walk to?Meguro Station /?Yamanote Line,?Mita Line,?Namboku Line Completion: Feb. 1988 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY800,000/month Management?Fee: JPY0 Key Money:?JPY0 Deposit:?4 month Parking: Available Pets:?Not Allowed Palace Royal Chojamaru is located in Meguro, 3 minutes to Ebisu and 5 minutes to Shibuya by train. The apartment is in a residential area, a few minutes walk along the railway line. It is easy to find Palace Royal Chojamaru, for this tall tree will be a landmark 🙂 Entrance is on the B1 floor. There is a small garden on the side of the entrance. The lobby, looking like a drawing-room. Courtyard. There is a stained glass light on the ceiling of the 2nd floor elevator hall. Room entrance. The large light court window makes the whole corridor bright even without turning any light on 🙂 Rest room. There are no bidet nor heated toilet seat. Living dining room. A semicircular balcony. The random-shaped tile floor adds the room a touch of class. Dining room. Kitchen, with 4 induction cookers, and a dish washer. There […]

  • 01/07/2011
  • 02/27/2021

Apartment in Shibuya

Palace Royal Shoto?#203 Agent commission FREE! No Key Money! Free Rent 1 Month! Bed Rooms: 3 Floor Area: 181.2 sqm / 1950.48 sqft Address:? 10-17-1, Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Access:?11?minutes walk to?Shibuya Station /?Yamanote Line, Ginza Line,?Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line Completion: Feb. 1987 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY850,000/month Management?Fee: JPY0 Key Money:?JPY0 Deposit:?4 month Parking: Available Pets:?Not Allowed Palace Royal Shoto is a vintage apartment in Shibuya.? There are many entertainments in this area, such as Shibuya 109 and Bunkamura. Don Quijote, a huge discount store, displaying party goods for Christmas 🙂 Palace Royal Shoto is located in a residential district, a little away from the center of Shibuya. Entrance is on the B1 floor. A little garden outside the entrance, with a stone pagoda. Entrance lobby.? A Christmas tree is displayed 🙂 Outside?are?gardens with quiet atmosphere. These Japanese gardens without water is?called Kare-sansui (???臼羂?),?often seen in Zen temples. They use mainly stones and sand to represent nature. A Japanese style room, next to the entrance lobby. Sitting here and viewing the garden brings a?relaxing moment… Staind glass window in the elevator hall on the 2nd floor. Room entrance. The thick carpets used in the corridor and rooms are fluffy and […]

  • 09/01/2010
  • 03/01/2021

Apartment in Azabu, Tokyo

Fujiya House 6F Agent Commission 50% off! Bed Rooms: 3 Floor Area: 174.90 sqm / 1882.67 sqft Address:? 2-3-3, Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Access: 10 minutes walk to Azabu-juban Station / Namboku Line, Oedo Line Completion: Mar. 1970 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY600,000/month Key Money: 1 month Deposit: 2 month Parking: Available Pets: Negotiable Fujiya House is a vintage apartment located in the?good residential district in Azabu. Though it is not so close from the subway station, the bus stop is before the nose of the apartment. Parking lot and bicycle parking area. A statue on the premise. This man with?great mustache is Shozo Yamaguchi, the former owner of Fujiya Hotel in the Taisho period.? The carving says that he was born here. Entrance.? Though the apartment is quite old, the door is auto-locked. Entrance hall. Elevator. Room entrance. Living dining room. Air conditioners are embedded in the ceiling. The apartment is vintage, but the functions are new 🙂 View of Tokyo Tower from the living dining. This room occupies the whole floor, so you can enjoy the view of Tokyo 360-degree! Bed room. Prefabricated bath room.? Inside the mirror is a storage 🙂 Bed room. Largest bed room with a […]

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  • 02/28/2021

Apartment in Hiroo, Tokyo

Domus Tokiwamatsu 3F??????Finished/腟?篋???? Agent Commission 50% off! Bedrooms: 3 Floor Area: 114.01sqm / 1227.23sqft Adderess: 22-1-3, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Access: 15 minutes walk to Ebisu Station / Hibiya Line ,Yamanote Line, Completion: Aug. 1982 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY380,000/month Management Fee: JPY50,000/month Key Money: 1 months Deposit: 2 months Contract: 2 years Parking: Available Pets: Not allowed Domus Tokiwamatsu is a vintage mansion with rarity value.? Though it is quite old, and its exterior and interior look is quite retro, there is no worry about security: the concierge is there for you 24 hours. For those who are curious, ‘domus’ is a Latin word, which means house or home.??The English word domestic comes from Latin ‘domesticus’, which is derived from the word ‘domus’. Not quite close to the station, but it is only a few minutes walk to a supermarket, hospital, day-care center, and an elementary schoool.? This quiet location may be greatly suitable for families. Entrance. Lobby and the corridor to the room. Room entrance. Living dining room.? The lights, as well as the wooden walls, creates a vintage aura. Bedroom with a wide closet. Balcony.? Might not be much of a view, surrounded by other apartments…but the balcony […]