Hokkaido food and More in Tokyo!

Japanese Cuisine

Sushi and Tempura are famous, but Japanese food is not just that!? Japanese food is rich in diversity.? The country divided by mountains, rivers, and oceans, various diet cultures which vary from district to district has developed.
Of course, it is amusing to travel around the country looking for hidden cultures, but for those who don’t have that time, it is possible to enjoy various Japanese foods in Tokyo.
Product fares are frequently held in department stores such as Takashimaya (蕭?絣九??), Odakyu (絨???井??), or Mitsukoshi (筝?莇?), and there are antenna shops ran by local governments, often prefectures.

Here are some antenna shops, at which you can purchase specialties and gain information of provinces.

Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza (???羌潔?????????????????????)
Location: Yurakucho
Hokkaido prefecture(???羌潔??) is popular as the production region of milk, dairy products, sea products, etc. You will find various foods concerning these specialties.


Omote-sando Niigata-kan N’espace (茵????????紙?井??蕕????????鴻?????)
Location: Omote-sando
Food and goods from Niigata prefecture (??井?????).? Sasa-dango (膃鴻????????) , rice dumpling with felon herb kneaded into the dough, is the most popular sweets.


Shinjuku Miyazaki-kan KONNE (??医???帥????????蕕?KONNE)
Location: Shinjuku
Konne (?????????) means ‘welcome’ in the dialect of Miyazaki prefecture (絎??????).? Local chicken and Shochu (??守??, Japanese distilled spirit) are famous.


Ginza Washita Shop (???綺с??????????激?с?????)
Location: Ginza
Washita (?????????) is ‘we’ in the dialect of Okinawa Prefecture (羃?膰????).? Sweets such as Sata-andagi (?????若????若??????????????, Okinawan donuts), and tartes using Beniimo (膣????, purple sweet potatoes) are popular.

Beniimo Tarte

Meza-marche (?????????????激??)
Location: Ginza
Dealing with products from all over Japan.? You can look around specialties fast and snappy.? Cafe is attached.


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