Dining in Historical Architectures

For example in Paris, you will see many cafes and restaurants in architectures built in the 19th century.
However, in Tokyo, the case is different.? Not many old architectures are reused in daily life.
Exceptions always exist, though.??There are few places where you can dine while feeling the weight of history.

Le Trianon French Restaurant
Restaurant in the old wing of Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka.? The old wing was built in 1930 as the mansion of Euimin,?crown prince?of Korea.
Le Trianon is on the second floor, while there is a bar, Napoleon, on the first floor.

Trianon Trianon

Ogasawara Tei (絨霳???????)
Spanish restaurant in Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku.
This Spanish-style mansion was built in 1927 for Court Nagayoshi Ogasawara (絨霳??????桁更).? It is now designated as historical architecture by the Government of Tokyo.

Ogasawara Tei

Takemura (腴鴻?????)
While the two restaurants above are rather ‘Western’, Takemura is a more Japanese architecture.
Takemura is a sweets shop & cafe in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku.? Its initiation was in 1930, and is also designated as historical architecture by the Government of Tokyo.

Takemura Takemura

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