Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport (臂順?亥?羝?), or formally Tokyo International Airport (??延根??初??腥堺遣), is one of the main airports in Japan.? It was mainly used for domestic flights and short-distant international flights, but from this autumn, flights to Asia, the US, and Europe will dramatically increase.? The building was recently renewed too.


Haneda Airport is not just a pass point of your travel.? There are so many restaurants and souvenier shops, that many people even come to Haneda just for shopping!
The aim of most of those people are sweets sold at Haneda.? Many specialties of Tokyo are sold, and also, there are many sweets that are sold only at Haneda Airport!? One of the people’s favorites are ‘Ginza Melon’, a melon-flavored sponge cake produced by Ginza Akebono, a famous Japanese sweets shop.


Haneda is very close from the city center: only 30 minutes by train from Tokyo station.
It’s not too distant for shopping, is it?

Haneda Airport
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