Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Aoyama, Tokyo


Taro Okamoto (絏≧?? 紊???) was a Japanese artist noted for his abstract and?avant-garde paintings and sculpture.
He was known for the quote, “Art is Magic” and “Art is Explosion.”

He studied at Panth辿on-Sorbonne in the 1930s, and made many great art works after WW2. He was a prolific artist and writer until his death in 1996, and has exerted considerable influence on Japanese society.

One of his most famous works?is?Tower of the Sun (紊??純????), in the picture above.? This became the symbol of Expo ’70, a World’s Fair?held?in Suita, Osaka, 1970. It shows the past (lower part), present (middle part), and future (the face) of the human race. It still stands in the center of the Expo Memorial Park.


Okamoto lived and had his atelier in Aoyama?for 50 years, until he died at age 84.? The place where he lived is now used as his memorial museum.
The rooms and garden are left as it was when Okamoto lived there.? Arts are displayed, and there are documents by Okamoto which his wife preserved.

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum is only a few minutes walk from Omotesando station.? How about dropping by after shopping?

Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum
Location: Omotesando, Tokyo
Open Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Tuesdays)
Website: http://www.taro-okamoto.or.jp/ (Jap)

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