Japanese Growing-up Ceremony, Seijinshiki


In early January, you will probably see many youths (especially young women) dressed in beautiful Kimono.? If you see them on?Jan. 1st to 3rd, they are likely to be going to Hatsumode.? If you see them around Jan. 10th, the Kimono is for Seijinshiki (???篋阪??).

Seijinshiki is a ceremony for celebrating that one has become an adult.
In Japan, the legal adult age is 20.?To celebrate their becoming adult, the youths who just turned 20 (or soon turning 20) are gathered, and ceremonies are held at every municipality, sometimes schools and companies.


The Kimono worn at Seijinshiki is called Furisode (?????).? Furisode is a formal Kimono for unmarried women.? Furisode is generally worn for formal social functions such as?tea ceremony?or?wedding ceremonies of relatives.? It can be told?whether a?Kimono is Furisode or not by the sleeves.? Furisode is with long sleeves, which average between 39 and 42 inches in length.? Furisode?is made of very fine, bright colored silk, usually with traditional patterns.

Traditionall, by wearing Furisode, a young woman signified that she is both single and a legal adult, and thus available for marriage.? Today, this is not as strict as used to be: you can see some married, or not-that-young women sometimes wearing?Furisode on TV, just to show that the day is auspicious.

Anyway, there will be many Furisode girls in town around this season, making people’s spirits bright.? Walking around just to see them is quite enjoyable.

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