A Guide to Living in Daikanyama, Japan

Often described as the “Brooklyn of Tokyo”, Daikanyama is a posh and trendy neighborhood in Tokyo. With its many fashion boutiques and terraced cafes and restaurants, it is a pleasant recreational area to escape the busier parts of the city.


  • A posh, trendy, and fashionable neighborhood in Tokyo.
  • Venues with tranquil environments that provide some recreation.
  • A great place to shop or relax.


Just a short distance from Shibuya, Daikanyama can be reached with a leisurely stroll. And between the trendy Ebisu and Nakameguro areas, Daikanyama has also become a fashionable area.


Daikanyama is served by one rail service provider, Tokyu Corporation.

Through Tokyu, you can access the:

Toyoko Line

  • Platform 1: Nakameguro, Jiyugaoka, Musashi-kosugi, Kikuna, or Yokohama stations; or through the Minatomirai Line for Minato-mirai or Motomachi-Chukagai stations
  • Platform 2: Shibuya; and through the Fukutoshin Line to Shinjuku-sanchome, Ikebukuro, Kotake-mukaihara, or Wakoshi stations.

Things to do in Daikanyama

Built in 2011, Daikanyama T-site is the Daikanyama branch of one of Tsutaya’s recent string of developments. Beautiful and simply designed, the site interconnects three buildings which have become a landmark in the area. Complete with Starbucks and Anjin lounge, they sell many foreign books, as well as movies, music, and other various items.

From the demise of a replaced railway comes Log Road, another architectural landmark and shopping center, containing a number of small indoor shops, cafés, and brewery (see the Spring Valley Brewery below!). After shopping or eating, visitors can also enjoy its sunny, outdoor recreational areas.

Now a museum for all to enjoy, Kyu Asakura House is a traditional style Japanese residence from 1919. With its elaborate gardens and broad, wooden structures, there is a great deal for guests to behold.

Restaurants and Bars

Under the same umbrella as the T.Y. Harbor Brewery and Cicada, Ivy Place is another great spot beside Daikanyama T-Site. Built in 2011 within the T-site complex, complete with terrace seating, restaurant, and bar, all surrounded by a wealth of greenery within the middle of the city.

Highly influenced by Italian street cafes in Vienna from the 18th century, Caffè Michelangelo features open-air seating surrounded by 300-year-old zelkova trees and terracotta flooring. Commonly used as a wedding venue, this café is a perfect place to relax.

Located inside Log Road and owned by Kirin, Spring Valley Brewery Tokyo is one of two branches (the other in Yokohama). They serve a wide variety of special craft beers, 6 of which are made in the venue and are part of their beer flight lineup. “An exciting future for beer” for sure.

Buying or Renting Real Estate in Daikanyama, Japan

If you are interested in buying real estate or renting an apartment, there are many options in Daikanyama available. With the great amenities, attractions, and international culture, Daikanyama remains a great choice for property in Tokyo.

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