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A Guide to Living in Ebisu, Japan.

Ranked as one of Tokyo’s most desirable residential neighborhoods, Ebisu is the place to be for many expats living in Tokyo. The area is a vibrant and diverse part of town, where you can find a variety of restaurants, cafes, breweries, and shops.

In addition, the proximity to Shibuya, one of the most popular spots in Tokyo, means there are plenty of shops, museums, and parks to choose from. There is always something new to explore in Ebisu, making it a great place to live.


  • A trendy, upmarket neighborhood in downtown Tokyo.
  • Great amenities available such as shopping centers, community pools, hospitals, etc.
  • Expat friendly, great international community.
  • Easy and quick transport options – the Yamanote Line and Hibiya subway line will take you to a few city centers like Shibuya and Roppongi.


The area is located just on the west side of Shibuya station making it very convenient to get to using public transport. It’s also possible to walk to most places, like the shopping centers or the station, depending on where you live.

International travel is also convenient when you consider that the Tokyo Haneda Airport is less than 35 minutes away by train. This makes Ebisu, Tokyo a convenient place to live for people who have to travel often.


Ebisu is served by several rail service providers, the JR line, and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. Together, they will take you almost anywhere in Tokyo.

From the JR line, you can access the:

Yamanote Loop Line (Track 1: Ikebukuro Station, Shibuya Station, Shinjuku Station; Track 2: Shinagawa Station, Tokyo Station, Ueno Station)

Saikyo Line (Track 3: Osaki Station, Rinkai Line to Shin-Kiba Station, Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Omiya Station, Utsunomiya Station, Takasaki Station)

Shonan-Shinjuku Line (Track 4: Yokohama Station, Ofuna Station, Odawara Station, Zushi Station)

From the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line, you can access:

Platform 1: Naka-Meguro

Platform 2: Roppongi Station, Ginza, Ueno, and Kita-Senju Stations.

Platform 2: Tobu Skytree Line (Kuki Station, Minami-Kurihashi Station)

There are also several bus lines that run through this area making it very convenient to get around town once you have arrived here. What’s more, there is a bike-sharing station on the Ebisu station’s ground floor that allows you to rent a bike.

Things to do in Ebisu

Ebisu is just minutes away from some of the most worthwhile places to see in Tokyo. It is surrounded by many parks such as the Institute for Nature Study, and Arisugawa-no-miya Memorial Park. Moreover, recreational areas such as the Shibuya Hikarie building, Meiji Shrine, and the famous Harajuku shopping district offers variety.

In addition, there are quite a few museums and galleries nearby such as the Mori Arts Center Gallery, the National Art Center Tokyo, or the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. You can also find plenty of shops or restaurants in Yebisu Garden Place, or head to the Atré Ebisu.

Bordering Ebisu, Daikanyama & Hiroo have a large number of embassies making this one of the more international areas in Tokyo. This makes it a great part of town for people who want to have an international atmosphere around them.

Restaurants and Bars

There is a wide range of international restaurants in this area but you can also find plenty of places that offer traditional Japanese food. Ebisu is particularly popular for its Izakaya culture, as this was a beer brewing district in the past.

Enjoy some traditional beer and snacks in one (or many) of the local bars by hitting the famous Ebisu Yokocho street. Yokocho means “back alley”, and you won’t find a more authentic experience than when exploring Ebisu’s narrow alleys veering off the main street.

Staying in Ebisu, Shibuya

If you would like to live near Ebisu, there are a few hotels available around town. The capsule hotel near the Ebisu station is great for a unique experience, while the Westin Tokyo offers every luxury a business professional could need.

However, if you’re looking for more permanent arrangements, such as to rent an apartment in Ebisu – there is a lot of real estate available in this area – ranging from small apartments to large luxurious penthouses.

Most of these properties are available on a monthly basis and can be rented by both foreign nationals and Japanese alike. The most important thing is to choose a real estate agency with experience in helping international clients find apartments for rent in japan

Buying Real Estate in Ebisu, Japan

If you are interested in buying real estate, there is a lot of options in Ebisu available. With the great amenities, attractions, and international culture, Ebisu remains an affordable choice for buying property compared to other areas in Tokyo.

Included below are properties available in Ebisu, Tokyo.

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