A Guide to Living in Nakameguro, Japan

Unlike other places on this list, Nakameguro does not have any extravagant complexes that have aggressively pushed its development forward (though the station area has been revamped in recent years). It is an area that has been refined over time. As one can see walking down the Meguro River, there is an abundance of cafes, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and other designer shops, giving residents and visitors plenty to do throughout the year.


  • A particularly popular spot during cherry blossom season, pop-up shops and food and drink stalls line the streets alongside the Meguro River in the spring.
  • A low-key yet active neighborhood.
  • While not an overt tourist destination or expat focused area, it is a perfect spot to do what the locals do.
  • Home to the 4-floor Starbucks Reserve Roastery.


Down the street from Daikanyama and within walking distance from Shibuya, it is in a unique location slightly outside the super-packed city center, yet well-within the city, just before hitting the suburban territories of Tokyo.


Nakameguro is served by several rail service providers, the Tokyo Metro and Tokyu Corporation. Together, they will take you to many places in Tokyo.

From the Tokyo Metro, you can access the:

Hibiya Line

  • Track 3: Ebisu, Hiroo, Roppongi, Hibiya, Ginza, Tsukiji, Akihabara, Ueno, or Kita-senju stations; and through the Tobu Skytree Line to Tobu-dobutsu-koen station

Or from Tokyu, you can access the:

Toyoko Line

  • Platform 1: Jiyugaoka, Musashi-kosugi, or Yokohama stations; or through the Minatomirai Line for Minato-mirai or Motomachi-Chukagai stations
  • Platform 4: Shibuya; and through the Fukutoshin Line to Shinjuku-sanchome, Ikebukuro, Kotake-mukaihara, or Wakoshi stations

Things to do in Nakameguro

During the spring season, the Meguro River becomes a popular cherry blossom viewing spot, though it is more akin to a matsuri than a picnic at the park. Running through Nakameguro for four kilometers, there is plenty to eat and drink while taking in the sights.

Underneath the train tracks is Nakameguro Koukashita, part of the revamping of Nakameguro station, complete with Tsutaya and Starbucks. Running perpendicular to the Meguro River with 30 spaces for retail shops and restaurants, it is yet another fabulous street to explore.

Restaurants and Bars

While not one particular choice, Nakameguro has a number of streets lined with local bistros, restaurants, and diners (as well as cafes and bars aplenty) for a plethora of local Japanese and international food and drink options.

Once is a refreshing, local sports bar that holds events during big games, particularly during the World Cup. They serve over 50 types of beer from around the world, as well as a variety of hard liquors. To top it off, they have a menu full of Tex-Mex, including appetizer favorites such as nachos, French fries with free refills, or jalapeno poppers, to name but a few.

Buying or Renting Real Estate in Nakameguro, Japan

If you are interested in buying real estate or renting an apartment, there are many options in Nakameguro available. With the great amenities, attractions, and international culture, Nakameguro remains a great choice for property in Tokyo.

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