A Guide to Living in Omotesando, Japan

Down the street from the festive Yoyogi park and the bustling streets of Shibuya, Omotesando has developed into one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Tokyo. A major luxury shopping destination and one of the leading high fashion districts, one can see the many flagship retail stores along the tree-lined main street in Omotesando. And highlighted by its adoration for art, visitors can experience its unique architecture and stop by a number of museums as well.


  • A modern, high-fashion district in Tokyo.
  • Great dining options at restaurants, cafes, and bars.
  • Various transportation routes – the Chiyoda, Hanzomon, and Ginza lines can take you to a number of popular areas.
  • A great, high-end location in the center of the city.


Omotesando is within walking distance from Shibuya, Yoyogi Park, Harajuku, and Aoyama, making it a very convenient area.


Omotesando is served by the Tokyo Metro rail service provider.

With the Tokyo Metro, you can access the:

Chiyoda Line

  • Platform 1: Meiji-jingumae, or Yoyogi-uehara stations; and through the Odakyu Odawara Line to Shimokitazawa, Zama, Hon-atsugi, or Isehara stations
  • Platform 2: Akasaka, Otemachi, Kita-senju, or Ayase stations; and through the Joban Line to Matsudo, Kashiwa, or Toride stations
  • Hanzomon Line

  • Platform 3: Shibuya station; and through the Den-en-toshi Line to Sangenjaya, Futakotamagawa, or Chuo-rinkan stations
  • Platform 6: Otemachi, or Oshiage stations; and through the Tobu Skytree Line to Tobu-dobutsu-koen station
  • Ginza Line

  • Platform 4: Shibuya station
  • Platform 5: Akasaka-mitsuke, Ginza, Ueno, or Asakusa stations
  • Commuters can also access the Romancecar to Hakone or Mt. Fuji, as well as several bus lines that run through the area. And Shibuya, Yoyogi Park, and Harajuku are all within walking distance.

    Things to do in Omotesando

    Developed in 2005, Omotesando Hills is a commercial complex standing out across the main street in Omotesando. With over 75 retail stores, and 15 restaurants and cafes, it is a great area to peruse for popular brands and to relax. And for something completely different, just down the street is Kiddy Land, a 5-story overload of cute character goods. If you are looking for kawaii items, this spot has everything you could need from Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma to Studio Ghibli or Gudetama. More toward Harajuku, there are two more commercial complexes: Laforet, with over 140 stores catered towards more youthful fashion tastes, and Tokyu Plaza, well-known for its Starbucks with rooftop terrace overlooking the city. And if fashion boutiques are more your thing, from there you can head down Cat Street, a pedestrian-only back-alley with shops and restaurants that go for over a kilometer.

    And given high fashion’s penchant for art, Omotesando also has a lot of great architecture and museums. Some notable spots include Gyre, The Iceberg, the buildings of Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Prada; as well as Watarium, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nezu Museum, the Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, and the Ota Memorial Museum of Art.

    Restaurants and Bars

    Cicada is an exquisite Mediterranean and Asian fusion restaurant with resort-like ambiance, complete with bar, terrace, and pool lounge. You can go for a great selection of wines and cheese, tasting courses, tapas, or mains full of meat or seafood; as well as a good deal of desserts and dessert wines.

    Catering to seasoned patrons, Whiskey Library is a first-rate bar and lounge. As the name suggests, mountains of whiskey are categorically on display and ready to be ordered neat, up, or as an original cocktail.

    Opened in 2009, Two Rooms is an excellent bar and lounge with plenty of atmosphere and an extensive list of wines. With an 1,800-bottle cellar entrance, a wood and leather modernist design, and striking views of the city skyline while sitting at its 5th floor terrace, there is heaps to enjoy.

    For those that like to cook, there are many supermarkets in the area as well, including a Kinokuniya International, one of the larger stores in the area; Picard, specializing in frozen food and high-quality, ready-made meals; Natural House, an organic supermarket with a wealth of fresh vegetables and healthy produce (though they also provide lunch bentos made in-house, original cosmetics, and household goods as well); and Bio c’ Bon, another health-conscious, organic supermarket from France. And for those that want something a little more from-the-source, the United Nations University holds a weekly weekend farmers market with numerous stallholders selling fresh produce, organic goods, honey, jam, coffee, and so much more.

    Buying or Renting Real Estate in Omotesando, Japan

    If you are interested in buying real estate or renting an apartment, there are many options in Omotesando available. With the great amenities, attractions, and international culture, Omotesando remains a great choice for property in Tokyo.

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