Looking for your Ideal Place to Live in Tokyo !

Looking for your ideal place to live in Tokyo is a very difficult and tedious task both for the newly transferred expat or the experienced Tokyoite. Whether looking for something short term or long term The Higherground Real Estate Agents will help make the transition smooth for you and your love ones. Now before jumping into to see what the Tokyo Real Estate world has to offer you let’s look over the basics what apartment hunting might be like.

In Japan, many expats find that there is a great language barrier which makes the simplest things that we take for granted a bit more complicated.It is very hard to apartment hunt in ones native language so imagine how hard it would be if you and your agent could not communicate easily. Rest assured,that at our friendly agency we can handle all of your requests in English.

Tradition plays a large role in everyday Japanese life and it also transfers over into the real estate world.It is standard practice that future tenants pay several months worth of rent. This large amount consists of deposits, gift money, guarantor fees,insurance and an agent fee. At Higherground we have a large selection of apartments that will fit your budget and keep you from spending on unnecessary fees. Most of our apartments offer large discounts and sometimes no commission fees. Even though our agents fees are reduced there is no discount on our commitment to you finding your perfect place in Tokyo.

Your choice may also be affected by the size of the property you look for. Japanese apartments are smaller than what one maybe accustomed to in the West. With our large database of properties – you would be able to see a properties which could be your home away home or something more traditional and live like the natives do.
Now, let’s say you find that perfect place in Tokyo. Another fact, is that in this market apartments are completely barebones. Unfurnished is one way to describe it where lacking in everything from lightbulbs, a stove and sometimes air conditioning systems is the industry standard. Finding the option of having a furnished or semi-furnished apartment is something not commonly seen in many agents across Japan. We offer both furnished and unfurnished properties all around Tokyo which will help you reduce the hassle of furniture shopping and nitty gritty home supplies.

No matter how long you come to Tokyo for-whether for the short term or the long term we can find something within your budget and taste. So, with the basics of finding a Japanese apartment in hand we do hope you are informed on how the Real Estate market works. Unfortunately,we could not fit everything into this so if you have enquiries on properties or you have any questions- Our friendly staff at Higherground Real Estate Agency are committed to helping you settle into your new home in Tokyo so please give us a call or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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