Mitsukoshi Ebisu Department Store (??究??絲推??莇?鐚?

Ebisu Mitsukoshi(??究??絲推??莇?鐚?

Ebisu Mitsukoshi

Around Ropongi area, you will not be able to find easily the Japanese typical department store.
You can find easily the goods you want at your favorite or creditable store are already fixed around Roppongi. This condition can be the proof that you are at celebrities class.

In case that you are invited formally suddenly by your mother in law or your girfriens’s(Or boy friend’s) mother, for example, meanwhile, the situation that you cannot imagine what you have to bring as a souvenirs, what will you do?

You know well that many Japanese adore the brand.
I can say that some madame and monsieur still tend to be caught their mind by the high class department store’s wrapping paper. Even you will bring something not so expensive, department store’s wrapping paper grade up even your credit.

Even you don’t expect such a situation, you can remind that Ebisu Mitsukoshi( ??究??絲推??莇?) locates around Roppongi鐚?????????????downtown.

Ebisu Mitsukoshi

This department store is tiny, established by 4 floors, but so suitable to choose and everything is ready. Even with your kids those need to change the diapers, you don’t need to hesitate.

Then you can also have a chance to encounter the reasonable foods or ingredients at department store. A time to go must be around 7 o’clock, after leaving your office or school.
Department store cannot keep expired foods, so they start to reduce the price….
Well, this is also one of the way for enjoying the Japanese department store.

Sometimes department store offer the high class credit for you. Other time, they offer the reasonable and friendly for your wallet.

I cannot define this department store’s exceptional value.
Though, with the above point of view, would you try to find your style to use the department store?
By the way, Ebisu Mitsukoshi is located in Yebisu Garden Place, a compound square of shopping, offices, restaurants & cafes.

Yebisu Garden Place

For information about Yebisu Garden Place, click here.

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