Tokyo Tower and Zojoji Temple

Shiba Park

We have a beautiful public park, which is called Shiba Park鐚?????????鐚?,
just a few minutes away from the Shiba Park Station鐚?????????薈?鐚?on
Toei-Mita line鐚???遵?銀????亥??鐚?. The park is located between the Minato
Municiple offices and Tokyo Tower. We can see Tokyo Tower very clearly
from the park; therefore, the park is a popular spot for dates,
especially during night time. Famous actors sometimes gather at the park
to shoot television.

Shiba Park

Tokyo Tower and the Zojoji-temple (紜?筝?絲?) from Shiba Park.

Shiba Park opened on October 19^th?of 1873, and is one of the oldest
parks in Tokyo. There are many hotels, schools, public pools, libraries,
and other helpful facilities near the park. Baseball fields and tennis
courts are facilitated at the park.

Another attractive point of the park is the nature. The park is
surrounded by a lot of trees. There are over 5500 trees at the park. It
offers a good time and a good place for rest for business people. We do
not have a lot of places which we can take a rest with the beautiful
nature, because of too many high buildings or too bright shine;
therefore, Shiba Park is like an oasis for business people.

Shiba Park

The park is located at the middle of the office buildings. Therefore, many business
people from these offices go to the park during their lunch time.
They can enjoy eating, reading books, listen to music, sleeping, chatting
each other, and doing whatever they want. Not only business people, but
also families who have children use the park.

Shiba  Park

People who have a pet alsoenjoy walking with their pet at the park. If you go to the park, you see
many foreign people and many visitors from other countries. They enjoy
visiting and spending their own times at the park.

When you go to see Tokyo Tower, it is the best time to go to Shiba Park.
Please go there bringing your lunch box! The best time to visit might be
during spring because of wonderful cherry blossom!

Shiba Park

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