Moon Viewing at Roppongi Hills / Tokyo Tower

Have you ever heard of ‘Tsukimi (???荀?)’?
As the word literally mean ‘see (荀?) the moon (???)’, it is a traditional?event when we admire the full moon in autumn.


Tsukimi takes place on August 15th in the old calendar.? The day differs from year to year, because the old calendar is lunisolar, and is different from the solar calendar that is used today.? This year, tsukimi is on September 22nd.? The moon at this night is called ‘Chushu no meigetsu (筝???????????, harvest moon)’.
There are several stories regarding the origin of Tsukimi, but one powerful theory is that this event came from China around the Nara period or Heian period.? It is said that this event was a harvest festival of aroid in China.


The white spheres are Tsukimi Dango (???荀???e??, Tsukimi Dumplings).? We offer the dumplings and Japanese pampas to the moon.

If you would like to enjoy Tsukimi, there are several events where you can see the moon beautifully.


On September 22, Tokyo Tower will be opening the external stair cases, which are usually opened only on Saterdays and Sundays.

At Roppongi Hills, you can see the moon at the Sky Deck and Tokyo City View.? The moonrise, which is not so easy to see in Tokyo, can be seen from the ?270 meters high deck.

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