Shinto Shrine in Akasaka, Tokyo

You may see many Shrines when walking around Tokyo.? Toyokawa Inari?(莟?綏?腮画??) is one of them, located in Akasaka.


Toyokawa Inari is a Shrine in Aichi prefecture, constructed in 1441.? The branch temple in Tokyo was founded in 1828, and was relocated to the current location in 1887.
Toyokawa Inari is dedicated to Inarishin (腮画?欠??), god??of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and success.


Toyokawa Inari is also famous for Inari-zushi (????????絲水??) which is sold on-site.
Inari-zushi is a kind of Sushi, but quite different from Sushi that is well known: vinegered rice is wrapped with sweet Aburaage (羃号?????, deep-fried Tofu).? It is named ‘Inari’, because foxes were thought to be apostles of Inarishin, and Aburaage were thought to be the favorite food of foxes.

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