Tsukiji Honganji Temple

If you visit Tsukiji, you will see many tourists.
More than half of them came for Tsukiji Fish Market, and the others came to visit?Tsukiji Honganji Temple (膀???井????絲?).


Tsukiji Honganji Temple is a temple of Jodo-shinshu (羌???????絎?, Shin Buddhism).? It is a branch of Nishi Honganji (茱炊????絲?) in Kyoto.
Tsukiji Honganji Temple was first built near Asakusa in 1617.? After it was burnt down in 1657, it was moved to Tsukiji in 1679.? The word Tsukiji literally means “built-up land”, pointing to the fact that this district was obviously reclaimed land.? When the Hondo (?????, Main Worhip Hall)?was built on this land, the temple came to be called Tsukiji Gobo (膀???医勝???).


The present architecture of the temple was completed in 1934.? As with most other buildings in Tokyo, the previous grand wooden temple building was lost in the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.
The present ferro-concrete temple building was completed in 1934.The style of the cathedral ceiling is of ancient India, where Buddhism was born.

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