Chrysanthemum: Flower of Japan

Chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan.??This flower?was already popular?in the 10th century, when many songs about chrysanthemum were made.? It became the Imperial flower in the 12th century, and it still is today.? You will see marks of chrysanthemum on many of the belongings to the Imperial family.


Breed improvement was being made throughout the history of Japan.? To show the beauty and variety of chrysanthemum,?many exhibitions of chrysanthemum are held in autumn.
Below are some of the famous exhibitions.

Chrysanthemum of the Imperial Family
Location: Shinjuku Gyoen (??医?緇∴??)
Date: Nov.1-15

Asakusa Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Location: Asakusa
Date: Oct.15-Nov.15

Yasukuni Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Location: Yasukuni Shrine
Date: Oct.16-Nov.5

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