Toy Park in Ginza, Tokyo

Every thing seems to be classy in Ginza, with all those department stores and the luxurious boutiques.? It may be odd that there is a toy store in the same district, but yes, there is 🙂
Ginza Hakuhinkan Toy Park (???綺у?????蕕?) is a huge toy store, occupying one whole building.? It is a little like Kiddy Land in Harajuku, with various toys and souvenirs.

toy-park toy-park

One thing you should see here is the display of Licca-chan, a Japanese Barbie doll.? There are various clothes and stages for her.? And she has friends and families too, just like Barbie.

toy-park toy-park

Of course there are other toys.? Many character goods of Ghibli, and Sanrio (eg. Hello Kitty) are here too.


Also, there are Japanese goods, very nice for souvenirs, and keeping for your own 🙂

Playing with toys is not a privilege for kids.? Have fun in Ginza!

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