Technique of Price Reduction Negotiation – Renting in Tokyo

The easiest target for price reduction negotiation is key money.? It is the money paid only right after the contract, and there will be no further trouble in the future.
On the contrary, if the landlord reduces the rent, the difference of rent between the new tenant and the existing tenants may cause troubles.? Therefore, it is not very comfortable for the landlord to reduce the rent.? Reducing the rent is not impossible, but it depends on the landlord.

Reducing the every-month payment is difficult but there are some ways to reduce your initial cost.
One is the key money, which I have already mentioned.? Another is delaying the start of paying the rent.? If the rent is JPY1,500,000, and the rent occurs from 2 weeks after your move in, you will save JPY750,000.

Negotiating price reduction of deposit is not recommendable. ?For the landlord, deposit is more like insurance than profit.? It is a mortgage for rent in arrears or bill for repairs. ?Therefore, it is unlikely that the landlord takes in the negotiation, and what is worse, it might awake ill feelings to the landlord, and lead to soaring of relations.? It is better to negotiate on other payments.

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