Nouvelle Planetarium in Roppongi Hills

A limited-time planetarium is on in Roppongi Hills.? This is not an ordinari planetarium.? There?is no dome-ceiling, no seat, and though the vision is 3D, no special glasses are necessary.? This ‘Sky Planetarium’ is where? you walk through?outer space!

In the 1st zone, you will see the sky of Roppongi.? On the floor is the miniature model of Tokyo, and on the surrounding screen is the starry sky.? Few stars are seen in Tokyo because of the dazzling city lights, but here,?we will see numerous stars, even the ones which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In the 2nd zone is the 3D night sky.? Normally, we only see stars from our Earth, but in this room, we can see the stars from the viewpoint of outerspace.? The constellations look nothing like what it is from Earth!

In the 3rd, and last zone, we will be taken to the farthest edge of outer space.? First, we are in Japan.? As the vision sooms out, we see the Earth, the Solar System, galaxy, zoom out more and more, and we arrive at the uttermost end of the space.

To get a vision of the real space,?a?20 meters above the planetarium?is the sky deck of Roppongi Hills.? You can see the sky on gross, and there are rental telescopes.? On weekends,?astronomical observations?with the guide of an astronomer are held.

Winter is the best season to look on the sky, for the air is very clear.? Surely this event will add a touch of color to your night in Roppongi.

Sky Planetarium
Location: Roppongi Hills 52F
Period: Nov.26-Feb.13
Open Hours: 11:00-22:00 (-23:00 on Fri, Sat)
Website: (Jap)

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2-8-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan