Marche de Noel – Christmas Market in Tokyo


At Tokyo International Forum every year, a Christmas market is held.? The name of the event is ‘Marche de Noel de Strasbourg’.

As can be seen from the name, this event is a replication of the Christmas market?of Strasbourg, a city in Alsace, France.
Alsace is the birthplace of Christmas trees, Strasbourg prides in the?oldest Christmas market in the world, which had been held since 1570.??The city is even called ‘the Capital of Christmas’!

This year, craftsmen will come to Tokyo from this city, and will introduce the traditional Christmas culture in Strasbourg.? There will be many chalets, selling special beer, wine, jam, and other goods for Christmas.? There will be products particular to Strasbourg, like linen, woodwork?and pottery, and also Alsatian food.? Walking around in the winter night?is very cold, but you can always warm yourself up with hot wine.

Merry Christmas! / Joyeux No谷l! / ??????鴻????鴻???????с????鐚?

Marche de Noel de Strasbourg

Location: Tokyo International Forum
Date: Dec.10-25

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2-8-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan