Whole-Floor Apartment in Azabu

Azabukan #301

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Bed Rooms: 4
Floor Area: 232.4 sqm / 2501.6 sqft
Address:? 21-11-2, Moto-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access:?6?minutes walk to?Azabujuban Station /?Namboku Line, Oedo Line
15 minutes walk to Hiroo Station / Hibiya Line
Completion: Sept. 1995
Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete

Azabukan - Outward Appearance

Rent: JPY1,200,000/month
Management?Fee: JPY0
Key Money:?JPY0
Deposit:?4 months
Parking: Available
Pets:?Dogs Negotiable


Azabukan - Neighbor

On the way to Azabukan from the station is?Daikokuzaka (紊ч?????), one of the slopes in Azabu.? Some parts of this slope is quite steep.

Azabukan - Neighbor

In the neighbor is Akasaka Hikawa Shinto Shrine (莎ゅ??羂桁??腑?腓?), with?history of about 1000 years.

Azabukan - Neighbor

Within 1 minute walk from Azabukan is Nishimachi International School.

Azabukan - Entrance Azabukan - Entrance


Azabukan - Lobby Azabukan - Elevator

Lobby and elevator.

Azabukan - Entrance

The elevator door opens at the 3rd floor, and right in front of you is the entrance of the room 🙂

Azabukan - Entrance Azabukan - Entrance

Inside the entrance.
There is no boundary line or bump between the entrance space and the corridor.

Azabukan - Corridor

The display space in front of the entrance has great presence!

Azabukan - Restroom Azabukan - Restroom

Rest room.
The retro-designed tap and the marble washstand goes together nicely 🙂

Azabukan - Family Room

Family room.

Azabukan - Utility Room Azabukan - Utility Room

Utility room is very spacious.

Azabukan - Kitchen Azabukan - Kitchen

Kitchen, with 4 cooking stoves, and a dish washer.
The blue tiles on the walls are beautiful!

Azabukan - Balcony Azabukan - View

Balcony, connected to the kitchen.
With some shades, it may be nice to have lunch or tea here on warm days 🙂

Azabukan - Living Dining Room

The dining room, and the living room in the back.
The thick carpet is cozy and comfortable 🙂

Azabukan - Living Dining Room Azabukan - Living Dining Room

The living?room and dining room can be separated by slide doors.

Azabukan - Powder Room Azabukan - Powder Room

Rest room.
The toilet is hidden with fogged-glass division.

Azabukan - Bathroom Azabukan - Bathroom

Bath room.
There are 3 shower heads, replacable as usage.

Azabukan - Master's Bedroom Azabukan - Bedroom Azabukan - Bedroom

Master’s bed room, with a walk-in closet.

Azabukan - Bathroom Azabukan - Bathroom

Prefabricated bath room, connected to the master’s bed room.
The design and wine-red colors look very vintage and high-class.

Azabukan - Bedroom Azabukan - Bedroom

Azabukan - Bedroom Azabukan - Bedroom

Azabukan - Bedroom Azabukan - Bedroom

Bed rooms.

Azabukan - Balcony Azabukan - View

Balcony connected to the bed room in the bottom photo.
There are no landmarks in sight, but the quiet atmosphere in the residential area is comfortable.


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