• 07/19/2010
  • 02/28/2021

Apartment in Daikanyama, Tokyo

Ryowa Palace Daikanyama #702 ???Finished /腟?篋???? Agent Commission 50% off! No keymoney! No deposit! Studio Type Floor Area: 19.95sqm / 214.75sqft Address: 4-26-2Higash, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Access: 9 minutes walk to Ebisu Station / JR Yamanote Line, Hibiya Line, 11 minutes walk to Daikanyama Station / Hibiya Line Completion: Jul. 1999 Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete Rent: JPY84,500/month Management Fee: JPY8,500 Key Money: JPY0 Deposit: JPY0 Contract: 2 years Parking: Not Available Pets: Not Allowed Ryowa Palace Daikanyama is a cozy room, halfway between?Daikanyama and Shibuya. Entrance. Living room. Kitchen. ???散???鐚??偌?????????剛撮絎?絮? 莖????鐚?84,500???/??? ??件?霚若??鐚?0/0 篁俄???????井??50鐚?Off Thank you for checking Ryowa Palace Daikanyama. — Higherground Co.,Ltd. 2-8-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL:03-6459-2230 HP:http://www.higherground.co.jp/ TOP PAGE:?https://livingtokyo.net/

  • 07/15/2010
  • 02/28/2021

Beer Gardens in Tokyo

Ebisu is the neighbor area of Shibuya, near Roppongi and Hiroo. Near by Ebisu Station (Hibiya line, JR Yamanote line) is Yebisu Garden Place(??究??絲帥???若????潟??????ゃ??): a compound square of shopping, offices, restaurants & cafes. ???Yebisu??? of Yebisu Garden Place is spelled in an archaic style. The origin of the place name ???Ebisu??? or ???Yebisu??? is Yebisu Beer, a product of the Japan Beer Brewery Company, which built its headquarter in this area. Yebisu Beer, named for Ebisu(??究??絲?), one of the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune(筝?胼霛?) which represents agriculture and commerce, was introduced in 1890 by Japan Beer. In 1901, a train station named Ebisu was built by the company to facilitate distribution of its beer. The town Ebisu was founded around 1928 as a community developed around the Japan Beer facilities, where Yebisu Garden Place now stands. Ebisu in 1938. Japan Beer had been reorganized and was renamed Sapporo Breweries Ltd. in 1964. After the breweries were moved to Chiba in 1988, the area was redeveloped as the Yebisu Garden Place, which opened to the public in 1994. Speaking of Beer, there are many beer gardens in Tokyo during the hot and humid summer. With some casual hors d’oevures, why not […]