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  • 08/24/2010
  • 03/01/2021

Tokyo Imperial Palace

???The Imperial Palace??? The Imperial Palace (???絮?)?is located in the center of Tokyo(Kokyo Gaien, Chiyoda-ku). It was originally the inner courtyard of Edo Castle (羆???後??), is now the official residence of the emperor and empress of Japan. Picture of Edo Castle. Once surrounded by 5 great moats, with many gated entrances, the palace grounds now have only portions of one moat. And a guard post on the eastern corner of the grounds that gives some impression of the size and glory of the original castle. The present imperial residence is a combination of Japanese and Western architecture that reflects the cultural heritage of Japan and the role of the imperial family. On the emperor’s birthday and on January 2, selected audience of the public are permitted to enter the palace grounds to celebrate and greet the emperor. The still heavily wooded grounds are especially visible from high-rise buildings in the city. Dispite its location in the heart of Tokyo, broad green space still prevails. By the way, the Imperial Palace is popular with runners. It is about 5km around, you can see many people running around it. In japan, we have two famous gold medalists of marathon in Olympics, so […]