Apartment for Pets in Setagaya, Tokyo

Comforia Mishuku ???Finished/腟?篋????

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Free rent for 1 month!
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Comforia Mishuku is the perfect apartment for cat lovers!
Below are the reasons why.

Comforia Mishuku Comforia Mishuku

1. There are room doors with wicket gates for cats.
2. Floors and walls are made with material which are resistant to dirt and scratches.
3. There is room to place your cat’s toilet.
4. Balcony handrails do not have interspace, to prevent your cat from falling accidentaly.
5. Air conditioning is running 24 hours, keeping the air in the room fresh.
6. There is an indicator in the elevator, that tells others whether there is a cat on the elevator or not.

So, Comforia Mishuku is a great place to live comfortably with your beloved cat 🙂

Comforia Mishuku

For those who are not so interested in living with cats, the merit for you to live here is that Comforia Mishuku is located in Ikejiri-ohashi, which is only one station from Shibuya.

Another thing you should note is that Comforia Mishuku faces the National Route 246, so the environment might not be so quiet.

Address: 3, Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 6 minutes walk to Ikejiri-ohashi Station / Denen-toshi Line
13 minutes walk to Sangen-chaya Station / Denen-toshi Line
Completion: Mar. 2004
Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete

Comforia Mishuku - Outward Appearance

Key Money: JPY0
Deposit: 2 months (if keeping cats, 3 months)
Contract: 2 years
Parking: Available
Pets: OK up to 3 cats

Comforia Mishuku - Facilities Comforia Mishuku - Facilities

Convenience store on the ground floor of the apartment, and a shop for cats next door.

Comforia Mishuku???#903 ???Finished/腟?篋????

Bedrooms: 1
Floor Area: 44.30 sqm / 312.92 sqft
Rent: JPY124,000/month
Management Fee: JPY6,000

Comforia Mishuku #903

Comforia Mishuku #1304? ???Finished/腟?篋????

Bedrooms: 1
Floor Area: 45.48 sqm / 489.56 sqft
Rent: JPY166,000/month
Management Fee: JPY10,000

Comforia Mishuku #1304

Comforia Mishuku - Shoes Box

Large shoes box at the entrance.

Comforia Mishuku - Bath

Bath, with a drying machine.

Comforia Mishuku - Living Dining Kitchen Comforia Mishuku - Kitchen

Living dining kitchen.

Comforia Mishuku - Bedroom Comforia Mishuku - Catsteps

Bedroom with cat steps 🙂

Comforia Mishuku???#1303? ???Finished/腟?篋????

Bedrooms: 1
Floor Area: 44.30 sqm / 476.86 sqft
Rent: JPY175,000/month
Management Fee: JPY10,000

Comforia Mishuku #1303


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