Apartment in Hiroo, Tokyo

Domus Tokiwamatsu 3F??????Finished/腟?篋????

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Bedrooms: 3
Floor Area: 114.01sqm / 1227.23sqft
Adderess: 22-1-3, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Access: 15 minutes walk to Ebisu Station / Hibiya Line ,Yamanote Line,
Completion: Aug. 1982
Structure: Steel-reinforced Concrete

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Outward Appearance

Rent: JPY380,000/month
Management Fee: JPY50,000/month
Key Money: 1 months
Deposit: 2 months
Contract: 2 years
Parking: Available
Pets: Not allowed

Domus Tokiwamatsu Domus Tokiwamatsu

Domus Tokiwamatsu is a vintage mansion with rarity value.? Though it is quite old, and its exterior and interior look is quite retro, there is no worry about security: the concierge is there for you 24 hours.

For those who are curious, ‘domus’ is a Latin word, which means house or home.??The English word domestic comes from Latin ‘domesticus’, which is derived from the word ‘domus’.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Outward Appearance

Not quite close to the station, but it is only a few minutes walk to a supermarket, hospital, day-care center, and an elementary schoool.? This quiet location may be greatly suitable for families.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Entrance Domus Tokiwamatsu - Entrance


Domus Tokiwamatsu - Lobby Domus Tokiwamatsu - Corridor

Lobby and the corridor to the room.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Entrance

Room entrance.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Living Dining Room Domus Tokiwamatsu - Living Dining Room

Living dining room.? The lights, as well as the wooden walls, creates a vintage aura.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Bedroom Domus Tokiwamatsu - Closet

Bedroom with a wide closet.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Balcony

Balcony.? Might not be much of a view, surrounded by other apartments…but the balcony is wide, 14sqm.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Rest Room Domus Tokiwamatsu - Bath Domus Tokiwamatsu - Toilet

Bath room and toilet.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Kitchen

Kitchen counter is also made of woods.

Domus Tokiwamatsu - Bedroom Domus Tokiwamatsu - Bedroom

Japanese style room.
Other rooms were quite western, but this room is very Japanese!? This room is connected to a Oshiire (??弱?ャ??), a Japanese closet.


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